Everything you need to know to build wealth and create passive income

This book is my personal story of how I built wealth investing in residential real estate and gives lots of useful advice on how you can too.

The Real Estate Rulebook is not a get rich quick scheme but is instead a sound, long-term approach to attain financial success. Inside you will find guidance on short and long term investing, how to wholesale properties for quick cash, and how to build a portfolio of properties to hold and rent for cash flow and appreciation.  There is also advice about managing properties and how to choose a good manager if you prefer not to deal with your own tenants.  Included are tips for maintaining your property over time, what to do and not to do.  This book is comprehensive and covers everything you need to know from A-Z but it also contains a story about how I did it starting from 1978 and how I continue to do it in 2016.

Meet Pam Brantley

Pam Brantley

Pamela Brantley, a retired naval officer with the rank of Captain (06), is a licensed real estate broker and investor with over 35 years in the business.  She has been investing in real estate in Florida since 1978 and is currently the owner of Realty Masters of FL in Pensacola, a full service real estate brokerage founded in 1998 with emphasis on property management and working with investors.

Ms. Brantley is a member of the National Association Of Realtors®, is active in the local Chamber of Commerce, Better Business Bureau, and the Pensacola Association of Realtors and Property Managers Association, and still buys, sells, and rents properties daily. Her three grown children Christine, Nicole, and David work in the business with her. She has owned over 100 properties in Florida and is considered to be an expert in all aspects of the real estate business.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1: Motivation and Financial Success

Chapter 2: Strategies for Investing

Chapter 3: Basics of Financial Wealth Building

Chapter 4: Different Strategies for Investing in Real Estate

Chapter 5: Types of Ownership, Financing, Title, and the Closing Process

Chapter 6: Tax Advantaged Investing Strategies

Chapter 7: Federal, State, and Local Laws That Affect Landlords

Chapter 8: Property Management Basics

Chapter 9: Dealing with Tenants


A: Real Estate Broker Requirements for Licensure in the State of Florida

B: Summary of IRS guidelines pertaining to 1031 Exchanges

C: Purchase Authorization

D: Application on for Residency

E: Application on Denial Letter

F: Sample Lease and Lead Paint Disclosure

G: Tenant Handbook

H: List and Location of Key Charts


5.0 out of 5 stars – GREAT READ!!

AMAZING!!! This book was a wonderful read. It was simple and laid out ground rules for beginner investors like myself. I have two residential homes and was planning on investing in more homes, but didn’t quite know how to start. This book lays out a step by step process. Mrs. Brantley gives wonderful ideas to start investing with little or no money. She discusses multiple ways of borrowing money and which type of loan is better to use. Her life experiences and quotes are inspirational and motivational for success. Once I started reading, I just couldn’t put this book down. Mrs. Brantley is full of wonderful knowledge. I recommend everyone give this book a try.

– Brian Giles

I have had the privilege and honor to get to meet and work with Pam personally. What a pleasure! I can say that I have never been around such a genuine person or wealth of knowledge on any one subject ever. Her integrity and thorough understanding of the nuances of the real estate industry has afforded her the utmost respect of her peers, myself included. It has also allowed her to build an empire second to none in her market. If you follow the rules, your empire awaits.

– Michael Garrison

5.0 out of 5 stars – How To Become a Millionaire

To become a Millionaire, you copy the strategies used by someone who has done it…. If they would share their secrets. Pamela Brantley’s Real Estate Rule Book reveals the millionaire strategies that worked for her. Real Estate investing was the major, success vehicle for an almost-single Mom while raising three children. Her book reveals how real estate diversification between fix and rentals, fix n’flips, commercials, refinance and resales contributed to her millionaire-maker strategy. Her nine-to-five jobs equate with any you might find out there to pay bills and maintain a good credit rating. Her success strategy includes the obvious contributions and tax benefits that come with being a business owner.

You must read the book to uncover most valuable bonuses that give the framework so you too could operate your very own profitable, small business. In fact, every homeowner who may wish to moonlight as a landlord with one or two rentals will receive tremendous coaching value here. Finally, I wish to testify that these wealth strategies, worked for me personally. Although I am an absentee owner and a Foreign National investor in USA rental properties, the team at Realty Masters Realty and Property Management, of Pensacola Florida, lead by Captain Pamela Brantley, engineered my success by implementing the identical strategies revealed in this book.

– Alfred Fraser

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